Paige O'Connor - Volunteering in Peru

Hello Friends & Family!

Thanks so much for considering to support my volunteer work in Peru for a month, next January-February 2018! I am trying to raise $1,300 to cover the program costs for the month.

I will be volunteering 8 hours per day at a health clinic in Peru, helping around 30 patients per day from poor areas of Cusco.

This trip is going to help broaden my experiences in the medical field as I pursue P.A school. I will also be able to take Spanish immersion lessons from which will be used with Spanish-speaking citizens here in the U.S when I get back.

Please let me know if you have questions about my work and time in Peru.

I would love to tell you more and keep you posted with updates.

I am very excited about this awesome opportunity and to travel somewhere new.

Thank you so much!

-Paige O'Connor

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