Maximus and Scarlet are volunteering in Costa Rica!

Maximus and Scarlet are volunteering with a Costa Rica-based conservation project this summer! Please consider making a donation toward our efforts. Animals are often illegally hunted for food or income. Some are killed by urban and agricultural expansion. Expansion of local towns and developments have also directly reduced the populations of many species.

The local population often lacks knowledge about the importance of these species, as well as how to mitigate risks to them and the entire surrounding forest system. Sloth behavior remains particularly elusive especially with regards to how they fare after rescue centers release them into the wild. Research on them, anteaters, raccoons, other mammals and more about sea turtle nesting behavior is needed in the area.

Environmental education activities provide local youth opportunities to participate in conservation. It also gives them the opportunity to learn English which can be help them pursue careers in ecotourism. Volunteers are involved in night walks and helping with the turtle hatchery.

The Monitoring Center provides a unique way for locals and international volunteers to get involved in the conservational efforts in this province.


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