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Greetings, I am a med student at American University of Antiqua College of Medicine. In January, a few of my colleagues and I are making plans to participate in an week long medical mission trip to Kosao, Ghana. This trip will afford us the opportunity to serve in a local medical center . This opportunity will allow me to assist a community in need by providing my service, and a collection of medical supplies. I have had the dream of being a doctor since I was in middle school. That was when my sister was diagnosed with scoliosis and under went spinal surgery, at the age of 11. Being the older sister I was worried about my sister and her health condition but, I was also fascinated with all that was going on to treat her. From that experience I decided I wanted to become a medical doctor. If you ask me today what type of doctor I want to be my answer would be completely different from being the orthopedic surgeon that helped my sister. After years of studying science and public health my interests keep changing. I have always had the desire to serve those that are in need not only in my country but in other countries with healthcare disparities. In fact when people asked why do I know French and took so many years of it, my response is because when I become a doctor I want to be able to communicate with people if I do a mission trip or work with Doctors without Borders. Once, I am done with school my goal is to work on my French and to learn Spanish. Unfortunately, as a full-time student, my extra funds are limited. In order to be a part of this amazing mission trip, I have to find donations from those who are willing to help. The donations will be used for my program fee, airfare, and allowance. The extra funds will be used to purchase medical equipment that the program is requesting, and to assist a fellow colleague's fundraising efforts for this same mission trip. Thank you Heather Brightharp

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