Heather's goal is to help children in Colombia

I read a quote from Confucius that said,

“if your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.”

This program in Colombia is called “Children Support”.

These children come from poor families and have a low quality of life. These children need volunteers to come in to help feed them, play with them, teach them, and mentor them. For eight hours a day, as well as in the home of my host family, I will be able to spend quality time with these children.    

I feel inspired to take it because of the influence I could have in their lives, even if only for a brief time. At the end of the day, I believe our purpose is to be ourselves and help others in some way, shape, or form. For me, this would be the perfect opportunity to help those children in need and carry out a mission in accordance to my core values.

Please help to support my mission!

Any help is appreciated.

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