Electric wheelchair for Ermitano

While we were on a mission trip ( A Broader View Volunteer ) in Cusco Peru this summer, volunteering at the Cusco Children’s Medical Clinic and Rehab Center, we were fortunate to meet Ermitano Camacho Sencia.

As we learned, Ermitano is a 42-year-old man, with Cerebral Palsy and severe spinal deformities, that has lived at the Children’s Center for the past 20 years. He apparently has no nearby family. Although his mind/ intelligence appear fine, his severe muscular and orthopedic deficits cause him to be trapped in a totally dysfunctional body.

He is completely dependent on others for all of his self-care, feeding, transfers in/out of bed into his wheelchair, as well as to be pushed in his wheelchair. Even his native language Spanish is severely impaired due to limited control of the muscles of his tongue and mouth. Fortunately, he is able to demonstrate a broad smile, showing his kind heart and pleasure while interacting with others.

He spends most of his day sitting in his wheelchair in the hallway next to his room or positioned in his bed with a speaker playing music into his ear.

During our time with Ermitano, we discovered in the back pocket of his old manual wheelchair, a photocopy of an electric wheelchair that he was hoping to purchase someday. By the looks of it, he had been carrying this around for quite a long time! He told us, more than anything, he would like to get an electric wheelchair which would allow him some independence in moving around his world.

We have initiated the process of getting him measured for a new electric wheelchair that he will be able to operate using his right hand.

Please consider giving to our page so we can help to improve Ermitano’s independence and the quality of his life!

Thank you/ Gracias!

Joyce, Kristi and Taylor


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