Anjali Kalra's Volunteer Trip To India

I will be volunteering in Jaipur, India for six weeks in June/July 2018. Please help me in making this trip a reality. My volunteer work will entail observing doctors and performing routine tasks at a local clinic/health center and participating in community outreach programs. The focus will be on the treatment and prevention of diseases and raising awareness of preventative measures. Currently, I am minoring in Global Poverty and Practices Minor at University of California Berkeley and aspiring to become a medical doctor. My recent exposure to global health in relation to poverty has helped me to gain insight on poverty alleviation techniques around the world. I have learned about the injustices and inequalities that are prevalent in developing nations, as well as the possible causes of them. This knowledge has inspired me to step away from the comfort of my own home and help where it really matters. For me, health advocacy is how I would like to contribute to the global society. I am of Indian origin, so the country is very close to my heart. I feel as if the largest impact I can make would be in India, as I speak Hindi and understand the customs and beliefs of the people. Primarily, I want to learn more about what it means to live in poverty. As a privileged person who has never lived in impoverished environments, the only glimpses I have seen have been in low income clinics in the US or on my few trips to Asia. In order for me to help lessen the burden of poverty, it has to first be completely understood. I would like to understand how diseases can be prevented and how to impart this knowledge to ensure that families take better care of themselves.

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