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In 2018, Rose, Lois and I began an incredible journey to Nepal to volunteer at the Special Education School in Kathmandu. It was during those two weeks that we met some amazing children, Raghab, the headmaster at the school, Sunita a warmly loving teacher and our host for the entire time we were volunteering.

The school was in deplorable shape, but the children were delighted to be there learning and aspiring to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, electricians’ social workers, etc. They hope to someday be a shining example of what is possible in a third world country. Through the hard work of Raghab, volunteers and generous donors a new school is now in operation and the children are able to work towards their dreams in a clean and inviting environment

After coming home, I decided that these children should have an opportunity to meet children in other countries, to share their cultural, school activities, their day to day lives and family history. Giving the Nepalese children an opportunity to discover children all over the world who have the same desires, values, expectations, and aspirations. What better way than through Facebook, facetime, videos, and an exchange of letters sharing their everyday lives.

I am looking to raise enough money to give the local teacher a laptop, so she can create a pen pal club that will be able to video themselves, exchange letters, ask questions, make new friends and develop a conversation from across the globe. The cost of the computer is US$800.00

Thank you in advance for your generosity, kindness, and support for this project.

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